The International Furniture Fair, Cologne 2012 – Review

The International Furniture Show has just taken place at the IMM in Cologne (16th 22nd January 2012).

Organisers claim the show is the most important furnishing fair in the global primary furnishing market. Right from the beginning of every year the trade fair presents the new international furniture trends and surprises with numerous marketable innovations in a wide range of categories. The broad range of furniture and related products on offer is combined with high standards of quality and an excellent presentation. The fair also provides an effective platform for young designers to engage with both trade buyers and the public. The trade visitors value the trade fair’s business atmosphere and high standards of organisation and services. The days of the fair that are also open to end consumers provide the exhibitors with ample opportunity for product and market tests, the consumer find information and suggestions. In close connection with the extensive programme of events that will take place all over the city of Cologne, imm cologne is for one week the center of the international worlds of furnishings and design. Key attractions are German manufacturers like Rolf Benz as well as top Italian furniture providers like Porada and Bontempi Casa.

imm cologne is the central meeting place for exhibitors and decision-makers from all the world’s important markets especially Europe, but also America, Asia and the Far East. The diverse mix of visitors makes the trade fair highly interesting for exhibitors.
The event aims to cater for all the target groups that are relevant to the furniture business and ensures an extensive selection will be present at imm cologne: contacts from all areas of the trade and industry, contract business experts, professionals from the architecture scene and up-and-coming young professionals. The visitors come with the intention, and the means, to do business. Many are buyers, specifiers and interior designers.
Together with imm cologne, the new trade fair format LivingInteriors will be showing perfectly staged interior worlds consisting of furniture, bathrooms, floors, walls and lighting. It is aimed at trade visitors and consumers alike. Many potential buyers will attend the fair on the public days (Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd January and will get an exciting overview over holistic living and interior design concepts and their products.

Techniques On How To Create A Podium

Studying how to assemble a podium is among the least difficult carpentry related labor I’ve ever done. Most likely since it isn’t as detailed as some furnishings I’ve made in the past.

Podiums frequently called as pulpits or lecterns are necessary fixtures on a stage. There are variety of design that you can use for a podium in particular on its front area. Most usually the style is largely dependent on the purpose of which it is built for.

Construct a Podium the Easy Way

As I’ve mentioned earlier, building a lectern isn’t as hard as some other woodworking projects that is, if you have basic construction in mind. However, the good thing is that even if you are just able to build a basic structure, you always have the option of customizing it later on and adding some designs and embellishments once you have the basic construction done.

Making a Lectern – Issues to Keep in Mind

When I constructed a lectern for a function room late in the previous year, I’ve had several things to bear in mind to make sure the structure is precisely suited for the purpose it was created for.

Several of these are:

Height and Width

How high and wide would you like the lectern to be? In my case, I just have the average height of men in mind when making a podium as most speakers in that function room are men.

This is something that is entirely dependent on the height of the common user of the podium.

Standard Podium vs. Multi-purpose, Multi-compartment Lecterns

You have the decision of creating a fundamental design which is commonly very easy to create. You’ll just be in need of a 3 sided casing with measurements of your choice keeping the widest side for the front side of the podium you are making.

A multi-purpose podium however, would require to have some compartments installed to make some space for the materials that the speaker might be using. When I was making the structure I’ve added a sort of built-in cabinet in the podium as requested by the owner for storage purposes. Microphones and some equipment needed for the sound system is stored there.

Mobile Podium vs. Fixed Lectern

To construct a podium, specifically a movable one, you only need to attach an industrial strength wheels on the foundation of the structure. Just make sure they are locking wheels to make certain unwelcome motions when using the pulpit.

Furthermore, you may want to use lightweight materials for portability.

If you opt for a more fixed podium, you can just add more weight to its base to allow still for minor movements. However, you may also attach the podium to the floor for a more permanent fixture.

Plans for Making a Podium

To make a podium, a pulpit building plan will make the operation less complicated. With this, you would have the basic construction design all ready for you.

Of course the podium layout would have to be based wholly on the goal it is constructed for.

Personally, I made use of a very handy blueprint in constructing a podium. I’ve been making use of this source not just in building a podium but in my other woodworking projects as well.

Why You Need Good Movers In Vancouver Bc

You honestly have no idea how it happened. One day you moved into an empty apartment, and before you knew it the place is filled up almost to the brim! Of course it goes without saying that you needed to stock up on the basic necessities. However, you have never considered yourself a shopaholic like you know a lot of your friends and colleagues are. Thats why it remains a puzzle to you why your one-bedroom unit now resembles a warehouse more than it does a home of a young professional in her late twenties.

You absolutely adore cooking, so it doesnt take a genius to figure out that you make a conscious effort to stock up on groceries. Sure, more often than not youre actually too busy to do anything thats fancier than a sandwich, but on weekends you love to spend hours in the kitchen, whipping up baked spaghetti or meat loaf. And, although this happens a lot less frequently, you also drop by the malls once in a while to grab a skirt or a pair of shoes. A girl cant have too many, can she?

One fateful morning it suddenly hit you: exactly how did you accumulate so much stuff? Your cabinets are packed with clothes, everything from designer wear to your favorite old jeans. Your drawers are also full of paraphernalia, and there are stacks of boxes in the corner of your room that you literally havent touched since graduating from college you obviously have no use for them already, but somehow they still have an emotional value youre not willing to part with yet. So why is your head suddenly occupied with thoughts of your overflowing apartment? Because you need to relocate in a month or so, thats why.

Your boss finally decided to recognize your long hours and successful project completions with a promotion. And since the post is in the companys branch office in Vancouver, youd have to move there together with all your things. Now, instead of stressing yourself on how youre going to manage such a feat on your own, it may be in your best interest to just scout for reputable local movers in Vancouver. Just think about it this way: if youre going to buy a couch or a dining table, you wouldnt try to fit it in the back of your car after purchase, would you? Youd obviously need the help of professional movers in Vancouver to move and deliver the item in your house.

Same is true if you need to haul all your things to a different city; to make the transition as smooth as possible; utilizing the services of good furniture movers in Vancouver BC is a safe bet. After all, with quality services provided by a team of Vancouver local movers, you can concentrate on much more important matters like learning your new job responsibilities and adjusting to a new home and you do so with the assurance that your things will be delivered safely and efficiently, just as they should be.

South Africa Opens Five Of The 175 New Global Amg Performance Centres

The redesigned sales showrooms of the AMG Performance Centres are characterised by a consistently applied and unique AMG brand identity. High-quality materials, exclusive furnishings and a palette of colours that is representative of AMG create an exclusive atmosphere for sales discussions. An oversized AMG engine badge serves to remind visitors of the companys philosophy of One Man One Engine: the assembly of each powerful AMG engine by just one engineer. The individualisation options available through the wide selection of models are also reflected at the AMG Performance Centres in the form of paintwork and colour samples.

The targeted training of AMG Sales and Service experts all over the world through a uniform coaching partner ensures first-class service delivery at every touch-point throughout the customer relationship, says Eckart Mayer, Divisional Manager, Mercedes-Benz Cars.

A hotline to the experts of AMG at the Mercedes-Benz South Africa office also guarantees that the high standards of service expected by AMG customers can be met: Every AMG Performance Centre can make direct contact with an AMG expert, should they have any questions about the product or specific configuration possibilities, adds Mayer.

AMG Performance customer events with exclusive appeal
A special brand experience will be provided by a series of AMG Performance customer events at the five Mercedes-Benz brand centres, including Mercedes-Benz Century City in Cape Town, Mercedes-Benz Umhlanga in Durban, Mercedes-Benz Bryanston for Gauteng West, Mercedes-Benz Bedfordview for Gauteng East and
Mercedes-Benz Menlyn for Tshwane.

These exclusive events will allow a number of customers at each of the five AMG Performance Centres to experience the world of AMG in more detail. Expert presenters will talk to customers and prospective customers about the history and the fascination of the AMG brand. High-performance vehicles from the current AMG range will be on display; whilst the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, the latest vehicle from AMG will have its local premiere.

Training for AMG Performance Centres in two waves

Recently five AMG specialists from the five centres, as well as a number of highest performing Mercedes-Benz sales candidates, attended the specialised sales training at the Mercedes-Benz Dynamic Driving facility at the Zwartkop Raceway. Every element of what the customer would experience on the dynamic driving course was covered. This was not only high-speed track driving, but included familiarisation with the vehicles, the various suspension settings, gearbox programmes, ESP collision and avoidance exercises and braking distance recognition. The participants also had the opportunity to experience a demonstration of the PRE-SAFE system and brake assist, says Graeme Ingram, Product Specialist, Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Initially the participants were given an evaluation form to rate the vehicles. After the two days of intensive driver training, a real understanding of the vehicles was evident. The participants were astonished at the capabilities of the S65 AMGs performance and the way in which it displayed its 2,3 ton mass, adds Ingram.

The Zwartkop Raceway caters for on-track, skid-pan and off-road driving and as the home of the Mercedes-Benz Dynamic Driving Academy, is ideally suited for the many activities hosted by Mercedes-Benz Cars, concludes Ingram.

AMG in Southern Africa
Every customer who purchases an AMG product is awarded a complimentary dynamic driving course to ensure they get the full benefit of the technical innovations and capabilities of their vehicles.

Considering the fact that South Africa is one of the largest AMG markets in the world we feel the Performance Centre concept is a perfect representation of the AMG brand and an ideal fit for our brand centres. These centres, with their dedicated specialised AMG sales and service staff, will give our AMG clients a truly unique experience. concluded Mayer.

Decorate Your House With Best Furnishing Products

There are many entities that can be used to decorate your home and at the same time serve as elements of utility. A Blind is a panel that consists of horizontal slats that are made of several kinds of fabrics. These include plastic, metal as well as another rigid and light material. These Blinds can be used in place of Curtains and other kinds of Shades as these can be swapped in between opened and closed states. These positions of the slats can be easily adjusted by using a controllable rope that makes these slats overlap or separate out depending upon the requirement. Roman Blinds are some elite versions of Window Blinds and these have no intermediate gap in between their slats and are made up of fabric. These can be raised or lowered and for the same reason do not get occupied with dust in between the slats. These are highly adorable and can be used to have a clear view of space outside the window. Vertical Blinds are also some admirable variants and these consist of several slats that are vertical and therefore add a different flavor to the architecture of blind. These are tied together at movable junctions by a thread that controls the movements of these. You can swap in an out to have a closed or open view. Roller Blinds are another variant that are used to customize the movement of the incorporated slats as these can be rolled as a whole up and down. These are also controlled by a single thread that can be modulated using a thread which is vertically linked to the fabric. Outdoor Blinds and Patio Blinds are some popular variants that are used to make the home look more spacious. Awnings are commonly used overhang that can be used in the exterior of homes. These are used to cover the entrance of a place by getting attached to the walls of that place. These are made up of aluminum sheets, wood or some stiff fabric. Folding Arm Awnings are customizable variants that can be expanded or compressed back depending upon the weather condition or requirement. A Shutters is a kind of window covering which is stable and fixed unlike Blinds. These consist of a set of vertical stile that holds together an array of horizontal rails. Louvre Shutters are a variant of this category itself and this consists of solid panels that can be fixed or operable which are mounted inside this frame. These can be made up of several materials which include fabric or wooden depending upon the utility. Plantation Shutter is a shutter that has operable and manipulative louver and has a considerable size of the Louvre blade. Therefore, these are highly preferred due to their flexibility and can be set in accordance with the weather and wind flow. Timber Shutters and Roller Shutters are some of the elite variants of this category that can be used for a number of reasons. These are used for putting a control over the amount of sunlight that enters through it and at the same time provides privacy. These also enhance and add starts to the aesthetic beauty of a building. These can be placed both at the interior as well as exterior of the building.